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Legs (needs work)

I think one of the weirdest things about modern society is people's relationship's with their legs. Did people always move so awkwardly? Maybe we're doing alright. The economy is. But damn we move our legs pretty weirdly. It's alright right? I guess the problem is that it feels like it's connected to our psychology. Like how people feel. If I pinched you, you'd react, you'd think different thoughts. So what if I pinched you real gentle? You'd still think different thoughts.

There's a lot of mind-body research going on. I'm sure. But I don't pay attention to it. And people, yogis, gurus, have been saying this stuff for centuries. So what's new? I don't know. And what's the solution? Should everyone go to yoga? That seems a little like saying I know what's right for other people. Something I try to avoid. But hell, couldn't we get to know our legs a bit more? Couldn't I? Why is it so difficult? Dancers train for years to learn to control their body. Couldn't we invest a little more time in this? People probably feel the same way about other fields. I feel the same way about math and science. That we could frame those topics differently too somehow. Not have them be so isolated and uncontextualized. What about the history of mathematics? What about the meta questions? The ones closest at hand? Like how does it work? How do we know how to process those symbols of addition, subtraction, division, multiplication? Why those and not others? It's like trying to imagine another sense. Difficult.

As always, I don't really have any solutions. Maybe a little advice though. That got told to me: if you live in the front of your knees, you know a lot of things, but if you live in the back of your knees, you know nothing. I'd prefer to know nothing. As fun as reading is. As satisfying as it is. I'd prefer not knowing to knowing. There's too much to know. But maybe we can get to know our legs, and the rest of ourselves a little better before we go.